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  • The Soresi Italy philosophy in defense of bees

    Known as the "sentinels of the environment", bees are an invaluable ally for the planet. The reproduction of almost 90% of the plant species that we all have every day depends on their slow pollination work. The defense of bees is the key to the future of the next generations. Sustainable and increasingly Vegan. Let's find out more!

  • Biodiversity for emotional cosmetics Soresi Italy

    The richness in variety and quantity of animal, vegetable and mineral species, including the genes they contain and the ecosystems in which they live and build. All this (and much more) is biodiversity. A complex and fascinating world, to be preserved day after day even in the field of emotional cosmetics. We talk about it with Dr. Soresi.
  • Soresi Italy vegan emotional cosmetics: a conscious choice

    A cosmetic that puts emotions first cannot neglect the ethical aspect and environmental sustainability. For this reason, the entire line of Soresi Italy products is cruelty free, certified "Vegan ok" and clinically tested. A way to respect nature and create cosmetics that are even more in tune with ourselves and the planet. Let's find out more with Doctor Soresi.