Biodiversity for emotional cosmetics Soresi Italy

The richness in variety and quantity of animal, vegetable and mineral species, including the genes they contain and the ecosystems in which they live and build. All this (and much more) is biodiversity. A complex and fascinating world, to be preserved day after day even in the field of emotional cosmetics. We talk about it with Dr. Soresi.


Soresi Italy, Emotional cosmetics, Biodiversity, Treedom, green


Password: Biodiversity - A commitment to the environment

“A term that truly encompasses our entire planet and, at the same time, our future. Biodiversity is the thermometer that measures how much our planet and its inhabitants are more or less in danger. A phenomenon that indirectly also affects our health. Suffice it to say that the extinction of some living species can seriously endanger entire climate balances, with obvious consequences for the environment. It is our salvation, but how can we choose to support it in a concrete way?” – says Doctor Paola Soresi.Soresi Italy, Emotional Cosmetics, Biodiversity, Treedom, green

Soresi Italy emotional cosmetics in favor of biodiversity

The cosmetics part of the Soresi Italy line preserve biodiversity in full respect of the natural cycles of the seasons and the agri-food varieties of the nearby territories. A green cosmetic, 100% vegan and cruelty free, which puts a meticulous selection of key ingredients first, avoiding land exploitation processes in favor of natural bio-dynamic processes. “The goal is to take from the earth what the earth can give us, aligning ourselves with its needs, not ours”. Even the final result will be markedly different: high quality cosmetics and an intrinsic naturalness, capable of taking us straight to an immediate state of well-being. When nature is fine, we are fine too!” Comment Dr. Soresi.


Soresi Italy, Emotional cosmetics, Biodiversity, Treedom, green

Line of emotional cosmetics Serenity Soresi Italy


Treedom – Biodiversity begins… with planting a tree!

Soresi Italy emotional cosmetics once again in support of the planet and its regeneration. Treedom is an all-Italian company, aimed at creating sustainable ecosystems starting from a simple tree. One after another, planted all over the world by local farmers supported in the concrete management of the planting and maintenance of the tree. The planet gains in quality oxygen, reduction of CO2 emissions and in the virtuous integration of various plant species within their natural habitat. A big step for biodiversity!


Soresi Italy, Emotional cosmetics, Biodiversity, Treedom, green



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