• The Soresi Italy cosmetics are carefully selected by Dr. Paola Soresi, an Italian medical doctor and surgeon. They contain high concentrations of functional molecules studied to bring balance and harmony between the mind, skin, and external environment. The skin and emotions constantly communicate and interact with the activity of the mind, which is continuously changing due to the need to adapt to both the external environment and the needs of the body.

Paola Soresi, Internal Medicine Specialist Medical Doctor


Dr. Paola Soresi graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna in 1998 and specialized in Internal Medicine in 2003.
She also obtained additional specializations in diagnostic ultrasound and complementary therapies such as acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and Omotoxicology.
She further developed her skills by attending numerous courses and master's programs, including at foreign institutions such as Hospital General del Hospital Clinic de Barcelona in 2003 and the Homeopathic Hospital in Glasgow, UK in 2005.
For about twenty years, she has been managing a polispecialistic medical studio in the province of Piacenza.


  • Expert in diagnostic ultrasound (abdominal, thyroid, muscular, cutaneous and subcutaneous, eco-colordoppler venous and arterial)
  • Expert in the treatment of internal, gastroenterological, endocrinological and metabolic pathologies.
  • Expert in analgesic and aesthetic mesotherapy for face, neck, abdomen, arms, and lower limbs.
  • Expert in facial and body aesthetics medicine
  • Expert in complementary therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and phytotherapy.


We have embraced the philosophy of emotional cosmetics, as the ability to recognize the emotions that surround us makes us autonomous and gives us the ability to choose and live serenely.

The skin is the mirror of what happens inside our body; it is an always open window on the area that we know the least: the interconnection between the psyche and the internal organs.

The skin is that thin layer that protects us from the outside, helps us in the drainage of toxins outwards, and takes all the information from both inside and outside, turning it into chemical and hormonal signals that in turn become real physical reactions; and that is why our skin is so important, because it regulates multiple chemical and physical reactions.

Emotional cosmetics help, through a psycho-olfactory journey, to find balance between inside and outside, giving wellness to both the skin and the mind.

Thus, Skin Emotion was born, the new line of Soresi Italy that embraces sensory, emotional, and functional cosmetics.

Soresi Italy


The mission of Soresi Italy is to be a leader in proposing innovative, natural and certified vegan cosmetic products.
We study and propose highly functional products, always following a scientific study conducted by Dr. Paola Soresi.
In most cases, Soresi Italy cosmetics reflect the canons of naturalness and are:
  • Green: products are made according to the ideology of environmental sustainability;
  • Vegan: they do not contain any ingredients of animal origin or derivation;
  • Cruelty-free: they are never tested on animals;
  • Organic: some of the ingredients in the products are certified as organic;
  • PAO (Period After Opening): 6 MONTHS as they contain very few antimicrobials.



We pay maximum attention to constantly verify the quality of our products, from formulation to packaging. The medical-scientific training and experience of Dr. Paola Soresi, representative of Soresi Italy, is the strength of our cosmetic products that, with their combined active ingredients, achieve excellent quality and functionality for the well-being of our skin and body in a holistic sense.