Our commitment is to promote green cosmetics with ingredients that support biodiversity, understood as the intent to preserve agro-food varieties linked to a typical territory, in order to reduce chemical processes that weaken the soil in favor of biodynamic processes that allow the natural turnover of the birth of herbs, flowers, and plants. Our ideal is to promote the physiological nature of the soil, maintaining organic and suitable crops, maintaining the most favorable conditions in which the soil itself is found.

Partner Freedom

Soresi Italy promotes agro-forestry projects and is affiliated with Treedom, a company that has planted more than one million trees in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Italy since 2010.

All the trees are planted directly by local farmers, which directly contributes to producing environmental, social, and economic benefits. All the trees that grow, thanks to our contribution, absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, improving the air quality that we all breathe. Thanks to "Capture CO2," we can discover how much CO2 we emit every day and how much we can capture.

We believe that each of us can commit to reducing CO2 emissions and can contribute to absorbing as much CO2 as possible by planting trees and forests.
Hills of bees

Bees are an essential link for preserving biodiversity, thanks to their pollination work. The difficulties that bees are facing at this time are a serious threat to biodiversity because these animals are an indicator of the health of the environment and serve the work of farmers with flower pollination.

On average, a single bee usually visits about 7,000 flowers per day, and it takes about four million flower visits to produce a kilogram of honey. That is why we support, with great joy, the safeguarding of bees by sponsoring beehives planted on the hills of Piacenza in Val Trebbia PC. They will allow the birth of new colonies that will contribute to the conservation of the species.

Our philosophy and intent is to observe, respect, imitate, and support the natural habitat of all animal species, especially those insects that live in communities and in full respect of themselves and their peers.

Our principles lead us to have always very appreciated results. The oils used are 100% vegetable and natural ingredients are always privileged. The formulas do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and the preservation systems used guarantee tolerance and safety.
Each formula is systematically tested under dermatological control by authorized independent laboratories.
All of Soresi Italy's cosmetics are produced in Italy and are constantly evaluated and tested to ensure that they are always active, functional, and safe.
In addition, our company uses a cosmetovigilance service that constantly monitors consumer feedback in order to promptly intervene in case of a product warning.