The Soresi Italy philosophy in defense of bees

Note how bees, the "guardians of the environment," are a precious ally for the planet. The reproduction of nearly 90% of the plant species we rely on every day depends on their slow work of pollination. The defense of bees is key to the future of future generations. Sustainable and increasingly Vegan. Let's learn more!

Soresi Italy, Difesa delle Api, Cosmetica emozionale, vegan, inquinamento

In defense of bees - Pollinating insects

Community insects, because they are organized in small hierarchies and super productive, always busy buzzing here and there, carrying out the natural practice of pollinating plant species. A very costly and really laborious practice if carried out artificially. Bees are a true treasure for every plant species on earth and, as a result, for every ecosystem. It is estimated, in fact, that their disappearance would influence our extinction very significantly. It is therefore essential to raise awareness on the topic and come up with concrete solutions.

Soresi Italy, Difesa delle Api, Cosmetica emozionale, vegan, inquinamento

Bees are in trouble - Let's discover the causes

Since the early 1990s, due to climate change and soil exploitation, bees are in serious danger. What are the main causes?

  • Strong use of chemically harmful pesticides for the environment.
  • Development of increasingly aggressive diseases and parasites.
  • Significant changes to natural habitats.
  • Pollution.

Soresi Italy, Difesa delle Api, Cosmetica emozionale, vegan, inquinamento

Bees and the protection of biodiversity in Val Trebbia

Approximately 90% of plant species depend on bee pollination. This means that even the most common medicinal plants used in cosmetics, as well as various flower varieties, would be put to the test in the event of a further drastic decline in their population. For this reason, Soresi Italy carries out the "Hills of Bees" project. A zero km idea, implemented not far from Piacenza, where useful beehives have been planted along the hills of Val Trebbia for the repopulation of the species. An activity started specifically in areas near different cultures useful to Soresi Italy's emotional cosmetics, such as the vine, cultivated in Emilia.


 Soresi Italy, Difesa delle Api, Cosmetica emozionale, vegan, inquinamento

Soresi Italy's emotional cosmetics - A philosophy in support of bees and the environment

"Observing, respecting, and supporting the habitat of all living species." This is a mission proudly carried out by Dr. Soresi and Soresi Italy's emotional cosmetics. A commitment that starts outside, with targeted projects, and reaches every formulation, made with local species grown in harmony with nature's cycles and seasons. Serums, facial creams, cleansers, and more are entirely cruelty-free and certified "Vegan OK," protecting biodiversity and bees. Without them, nothing would be possible.

Soresi Italy, Defense of Bees, Emotional Cosmetics, Vegan, Pollution

Positive Line - Soresi Italy

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